Product description:

Comes with spare battery, two combs and three cutters

This portable battery powered handpiece with battery slotted in the end weighs with battery approx 1.55Kg.

The Motor is 200w/4.8A (These are figures supplied by the Chinese)
Batteries are claimed to be 6.00 a/h and should run for up to 1.5 hours  (Chinese claims)
RPM is not confirmed but we suspect around 2400 RPM. Normal operating for a mechanical handpiece is between 3200-3500 RPM
These handpieces will shear a merino, provided your gear is sharp and know how to shear a sheep. Naturally because of the speed (RPM) shearing will be slow.
They are OK for crutching but would not want to be doing too many.
Warranty is only 3 months on faulty workmanship on the handpiece, not user error of course.
If you are needing to do many sheep we would not recommend this handpiece.


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